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(Photos via Mimi Hong)

How to describe the past two weeks? Really, there are no words…it’s more of a general sensation, not dissimilar to a kid on Christmas.  

First, we played the biggest show we, as a band, have ever played and we got to do it with friends, which is icing on the cake. The staff/crew, minus one giant dickweed of a ground security guard, at the Bowery Ballroom are all A+ people and it was an honor.

Check out pictures from the show HERE

Next, we had the privilege of releasing the “Everyone” Maxi-Single! The single includes four remixes of “Everyone” off of the album Nothing Works and four live tracks of old and new songs from our set at Self Aware Fest in June 2014. The CD comes with a digital download of enhanced features such as music videos, behind the scene clips and high resolution art work.  

Some insanely talented people worked extremely hard on the project, more so then we could ever have expected and the finished product rips. Major Bear Records, once again took a huge risk with this release (a CD single in 2014?), so, if you find some spare change in the couch…please consider rewarding his risk by purchasing a copy HERE!

If you haven’t checked out the remixes/live tracks included on the single you can stream them HERE!

Check out this article over at New Noise Magazine covering the release and exclusive video premier of the Sastronaut’s remix HERE!

Then, after all that…as if nothing could get sweeter…we are returning to Long Island on Oct. 5th to play a show with Mumblr at Dong Island. If you haven’t been following us long, this is exciting for a few reasons:

1) Long Island has the dopest bagels

2) Rockville Centre is on Long Island and is the birth place of Mike Bell

3) Last time we played Dong Island, not only did the kids nearly rip the ceiling down, but Peter made a life long friend: rat mouth

We have another major release announcement to make soon, just have to finalize the details (release date, etc.).

Till then, allow us to leave you with a hint:

MBMLZPD7_2 (1) copy

…They Can Take Our Lives But They Can’t Take Our Power Pop!






Last week we battled our buddies in Hurry to see whose Power Pop reigned supreme thanks to WXPN and The Key…the jury is still out…only you can help us pick the winner.

Check it out  HERE!

Leave a comment in the comments section and let us know who you think the winner is…

Huge thanks to Peter Murray for his photography and John Vettese for his excellent audio engineering for helping make the first official on air band battle a huge success!

We have a bunch of exciting announcements coming up in the next month…including a split 7″ with old friends from Tulsa, a spring US tour with new friends from Philly  and a CD-Single for the song “Everyone” off of Nothing Works.

If you haven’t read the AV Club article for the video release, check it out HERE

Our next shows will be with the dudes in Joyce Manor and The Exquisites at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC (Sept. 15th) and The Rock and Roll Hotel in DC (Sept. 16th)…make sure to grab tickets now before those shows sell out!

Till next time,

The Management

An Open Letter…



Dear _______,

Where do I start? Since we last talked, it feels like everything has changed.

Mom and Dad are still doing well, in their own way, I guess. Tomorrow is Saturday, maybe I’ll call and see how they are doing.

I was going to call you, but your number is nowunlisted. Everything okay, _________? Guess that’s why I’m writing this letter.

We just got back from the West Coast, saw a ton of old friends and met a whole bunch more. You were right, _______, sometimes you need to leave the comfort of your head to find out exactly what everything means. Turns out, everything means a lot to me, like that bike you let me borrow all these years ago. The Huffy that was too heavy for you, the one that squeaked when you rode it. It was the only way to know if you were coming or going

In Pittsburgh we received copies of the LP. It was weird holding it for the first time, like a phantom limb being reconnected.

Chicago we played a house show, the last one before the house members dispersed and went their separate ways, everyone was in good spirits and they danced along in a way people do when no one else is looking (the truest form of expression, unbridled and free).

Camped in the Bad Lands, under dyer conditions, but we kept our spirits high surviving sideways snow and freezing conditions.

In Seattle, saw some old friends, remember Tracey? She fed us microwavable pizza at 3am and made us breakfast, she even let me have a sleeping bag.

California was mind altering in more ways than one…won’t bore you with all that. Maybe we can meet for a beer or sandwich some time in the near future? These kinds of stories are always best told in person, over excited and disconnected.

I’ve included some tour dates below, in case you find yourself forgiving me for all those drunk nights and angry texts…you always said I needed to get my shit together. 

Tour Dates/Shows:

June 13th: Richmond, VA

June 14th: Charlotte, NC

June 15th: Norwalk, VA

June 26th: Boot and Saddle, PA

July 25th: House Show, CT

July 26th: Dover, NH

Sept. 15th: Bowery Ballroom w/ Joyce Manor, NYC

Sept. 16th: Rock and Roll Hotel w/ Joyce Manor, DC

With Regards,

MB & the Movies

We’ve Come to Kick Ass and Eat Burritos…


West Coast


April 25th @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ SRVVLST, Rozwell Kid, Neighbors and Yes Yes 1000x Yes

April 26th @ Arby’s (Last Show) w/ The Hot Bagels and More

April 29th @ The Black Lodge

April 30th @ The Northern

May 1st @ The Laughing Horse Collective

May 2nd @ The Yellow Room w/ Pigeon Island

May 3rd @ Thee Parkside w/ Big Kids, Jason Clackely and Joyride

May 4th @ TBA w/ Big Kids and Acid Fast

May 5th @ Almost Holden Collective

May 6th @ Che Cafe

May 8th @ Sound Pony Happy Hour Showcase






What is up, Internet?! It has been too long since we last talked, but like an old friend, come and see us again

We’ve had some things in the works since the last time we met up. Most important of which was finding a home for Nothing Works on vinyl, which we are stoked to say has happened!

The Michigan label, Major Bear Records, will be handling the release which will be limited to a first run of 300 copies. If you get your order in now, you can grab the super limited Cyan Blue colored vinyl…and if you act quickly, you might be able to get the awesome Koozie package!


As our buddy, Nick Tazza, likes to say: “FAT CITY!

Next on the docket?

We will be teaming up with our buds in Pachangacha, on a split 7″ this Fall! That’s right, the warped minds that brought you WEIRDHEAD

As I type this I am receiving a text based message of a picture of Bryce on the pooper…how could this possibly be a bad idea?!

Our two songs were recorded up in NYC at Rubber Tracks Studios and came with a free pair of shoes…FREE SHOES! The songs also include guest appearances from Mimi Gallagher (of NONA) and Chris Diehm (of 1994!), two bands and people we enjoy most throughly! We are working with Major Bear Records Songs From the Road Records and Messy Life Records on this release and can’t wait till we can get it on your turntable!

Last but not least…shows…what about shows?

We have two confirmed rock shows to announce (there are more in the infancy stages):

FEBRUARY 16th Upstairs KFN w/ Junior Astronomers, It Looks Sad. and Brown Rainbow (8pm, $5, 21+)

MARCH 1st  Cedar Point Bar and Grill Mardi Gras Free Block Party w/ NONA, The Ambulers and Lara and Joe  (2pm-6pm, free, all ages)

On the tour front,well,we are locking down something really awesome for this spring…it involves a release show in Steeler City, a major hang with our dudes in Rozwell Kid and a long hard soak in the Pacific Ocean. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

Till we meet again, remember, be excellent to one another…

Mike Bell & the Movies.



Boot & Saddle


Listen up ya Jambroni’s, looks like we are heading back out on the road! This time we will be supporting our new album “Nothing Works“!

If you know us, you know we have been working on this album for quiet a long time…slaving away, working hard, to bring you a new level of power pop…grab a copy to see if we succeeded!

If you are in doubt, check out these early reviews:



We will have cassettes via Be Happy Records and CD‘s imported fresh from Japan via Waterslide Records. You can purchase said album using currency you make via [insert job name here] at any of these shows:

2/8: Baltimore w/Pachangacha and Rozwell Kid (Club K)
12/9: Harrisonburg w/Pachangacha (Blue Nile)
12/10: Philadelphia w/Pachangacha, Kite Party and Manors (Boot and Saddle)
12/11: Mont Claire w/Pachangacha (The Bat Cave)
12/12: Long Island  w/Pachangacha (Dong Island)
12/13: NYC  w/Sycamore (Ho_se)
12/14: Bard U w/Sycamore (Root Cellar)
12/15: New Britain CT w/Sycamore (The Bubble Bowl)